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tv   Washington Week With Gwen Ifill  CBS  February 22, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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male announcer: this week on undercover boss... [rock music] the ceo of o'neill clothing, one of the biggest action sports apparel companies in the world... - what's up, dude? - nothing, just chilling. - right on. announcer: goes undercover posing as a medical school dropout... - done. announcer: his employees think he's on a reality show competing to win money to open his own surf shop. - what's up, buddy? - you jesus? - yup, nice to meet you, man. - nice to meet you. ♪ announcer: by giving up his surfboard and skateboard to work in the field... - we've got a great selection of backpacks, one of which i'm wearing right now. - okay. announcer: toby finds out that not everyone is stoked about working at o'neill... - you know, i wish i didn't have to keep clicking "enter." it gives you a lot of room to mess up.
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- some of the designers are, like, real prima donnas. - you know, you're gonna pick up a girl on your first date, you wanna look like a man. you don't wanna look like a five-year-old, like your mom picked this out. announcer: and how will he react to an employee's outrageous proposition? - i know how to grow some really good weed if you-- [chuckles] if you're really interested. - if he's talking like that to a customer, we could be in some deep trouble. - hell, yeah, man. we can do something real nice. announcer: find out next on undercover boss. who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm!
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- headquartered in irvine, california, o'neill clothing is one of the world's largest su wear and youth lifestyle brands. with annual revenues exceeding $200 million, overseeing this pipeline of action sports apparel is one man. - my name is toby bost, and i'm ceo of o'neill clothing, usa. [rock music] o'neill is an action sports company. we specialize in apparel and accessories. - how's it going? - good, how are you doing? - we make everything from t-shirts to board shorts to bikinis. if you can wear it, we make it here at o'neill. [surf music] o'neill has 60 years of surf history. jack o'neill was an inventor. he invented the wet suit. he invented the surf leash. he really figured out ways to market his brand uniquely as well. the future for the brand, it's gonna follow the same footsteps, and we're gonna be that true, true, true surf company. ♪
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you can find o'neill in any core surf shop across the nation and worldwide. five years ago, we set out on a journey to get into the retail business, so we've opened 12 stores, and we're expecting to double the business over the next three to five years. ♪ [surf music] the stereotype of the surfer is kind of that spicoli character that has a different terminology, like "dude" and "bro" and "stoked." hey. - hey, what's up? - what's up, dude? - nothing. just chilling. - right on. - came down to check out the new line, so it looks good. - right on. - that's cool. - that's cool, so-- - sick. - cool. - all right, right on. i'll see you later. both: later. - you know, i think that's a pretty close definition, but you don't have to be a surfer to wear the trends, to love the beach. i grew up in northern california. i was supposed to be a doctor. my father was a pretty high-profile orthopedic surgeon, but it wasn't for me, you know? i just had fallen in love with action sports
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at an early age, and i knew i didn't wanna wear a tie to work, and i wanted to have that fun, casual experience doing stuff that i loved and making money at it. [rock music] i started early on with a degree in business and literally went to work in a warehouse so that i could get my foot in the door in this industry. from there, i went to no fear, to rip curl. and then i got the call from o'neill, and one day, i got the opportunity to be ceo. i think they could've easily picked a fortune 500 guy. you know, i had a lot to learn. i'm 42, and i've been the ceo for seven years and have a lot of fun doing it. [ska music] getting people stoked in the workplace is a high priority for me, and we wanted to add some fun to it. you can bring your dog. we have a skate park. you can hit the gym. i would describe myself as a hands-off manager.
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[laughter] sketchy! there aren't a ton of rules, but the one that we live by is we wear what we make, and that's a rule i've taken home with me. my four kids, they know the rule well. hello. - who is it? hi, guys. - hey. so i have three children from my first marriage... london! and i have a fourth child with my new fiancee lauren. - oh, did you guys see her tooth? - you got your first tooth! - toby's a really super involved father. he does everything for his kids. - hey, you wanna skateboard? here. yeah. - yay! he wants to make sure that everyone's having a good time, you know, make sure everything's just really rocking for everybody. - so you gonna miss me while i'm gone for the week? - yeah, for sure. it's gonna be weird. - for sure. gonna try to transform into the total corporate coot. - oh, my gosh, that's gonna be crazy. that's so opposite from what you are. - yeah, for sure. - for sure.
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- you have wax in your hair, yeah? - tons. going undercover, i'm looking for things that we can do better in order to market and sell this brand. we want our brand to be number one. if we're not the hottest brand on the block, i want the information as to how we would become just that. looks like i got some sweet plugs. while undercover, i'll be posing as frederick, a guy from utah who's going through a mid-life crisis and wants to open a surf shop. that's frederick wilson. done. throughout my undercover journey, my employees will be tricked into thinking they're on a hosted reality show in which they will work alongside frederick and then decide whether he deserves to win funding from an investor to open his own surf shop. - so today we are at o'neill clothing store in commerce, california. - the man pretending to be the host of the fake show will keep asking questions about whether frederick deserves the money, so my employees will have no idea that this is secretly undercover boss.
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- oh, my gosh! you look like you're from the '90s! - [chuckles] - oh, my god. - right? - hi, london. oh, yeah. aw, i'm sorry. she doesn't know who i am. [laughs] - let's go say bye to dad. - all right. well, see you soon. - bye. - i'm excited, you know. i'm really, really curious as to what we're gonna find out there, and it's a "do whatever it takes" attitude at this point. let's go. - bye! - bye. [horn honks] [rock music] ♪ - i'm here in las vegas today at o'neill's outlet store. i'm gonna be working with a seasonal sales associate. ♪ we need outlet stores so that we can move our past season stock, and seasonal sales associates are brought in during high traffic times, so these people are newbies. what's happening? - what's going on? - looking for jesus.
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- uh, he's right over there in the back to the right. - i'm really interested to get in there and see how much training has gone into seasonal sales associates and how much they really know about the business. - what's up, buddy? - you jesus? - yup, i'm jesus. - i'm frederick. - nice to meet you, man. - nice to meet you. - you're the contestant? - yep. - all right, cool, man. well, i'm here just to show you the ropes... - all right. - show you how we do it around here. [whimsical music] frederick looks like a high school principal, unfortunately. he's got the collared shirt and, like, the khaki pants and the really dorky running shoes. like, but, i mean, he's got a badass moustache, that's for sure, so that's cool. [chuckles] - how long have you been working here? - honestly, i've been here for, like, about a month. - oh, okay. - yeah, so-- pfft, i'm your trainer right here, buddy, so-- - yeah, all right. - you see a customer, just, "hey, what's up, guys?" - so it's not like, "hey, welcome to o'neill." - no, it's not like, "hello, welcome to o'neill, thank you." you just be like, "hey, what up?" this job is really not that hard. i kinda do whatever i want. - i didn't mind the casual greeting, but i was probably expecting just a little bit more of a formal approach.
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what's a rash guard? - i'm gonna guess it's, like, maybe to prevent a rash from, like-- from, like, your wet suit. not sure. - jesus got stuck on the rash guard. "protection from the elements." - there it is, man. - you need to know exactly what these products are all about. it's what we do. - today's a thursday, so it's kinda slow, so we're gonna swiffer, dust, and clean the mirrors and stuff. - all right. - here you go, buddy. - all right. - i'll follow you. i just gotta fix these, and i'll come back and shout at you. - all right. [upbeat music] ♪ - i'm off tomorrow. - jesus was messing around and not working. he definitely came off very, very nonchalant. it didn't seem like he was an employee of that store. - it's pretty spotless, buddy. - frederick, he's a little stiff. - what about the front doors? you want me to do those too? - are you done with both mirrors already? - yeah. - oh, sweet, dang. you're friggin' fast, man. so what did you do before this, man?
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- i was in medical school, and i kinda dropped out of that. - smart man. - you know, i'm here to try to win my own store. - yeah, man. it'll be a good experience for you. you'll learn a lot. me, personally, i wouldn't stick a lot of this, like, this clothing, like, this type of clothes in here just because... - to me, that was just so out of left field. jesus had a ton of attitude, and he had a lot to say. - this style right here is just dead. it's done, over with. you would never see me wearing an o'neill shirt. - he hates the clothes. that's not a good fit for any retail store. - you know, you're gonna pick up a girl on your first date, you wanna look like a man. you don't wanna look like a five-year-old, like your mom picked this out. you're all set? you're all good with that? - that's in earshot of a customer. that's obviously a problem. is it mostly tourists that are coming in here? - yeah, that's why you really have to let them know, like, "hey, "i'm here for eight hours, better-- "better hurry the [...] up and get whatever you want
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"'cause i got a date in 30 minutes with a badass bitch, you know what i mean?" - he was acting like a punk, kind of hitting all those points that i just can't stand. - all right, buddy. - nobody calls me "buddy." - i'm just straight up lazy, man, like, uh-- - sorry, what was that? - i know how to grow some really good weed if you-- [chuckles] if you're really interested. - if he's talking like that to a co-worker, or worse yet, a customer, we could be in some deep trouble. - you have knowledge, in, like, "medicine," right? - a little bit. - have you ever thought about opening, like, a pot dispensary? i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metalism? i don't think so. new great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism.
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- you have knowledge in, like, "medicine," right? - a little bit. - have you ever thought about opening, like, a pot dispensary? - no. really? i mean, talking about pot and dispensaries and marijuana? i mean, come on. - i mean, it would be a really good business. - i just don't know what to do with this kid right now. i just want him to stop talking. is that good? - boom, there we go. you picked up real quick on this one.
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- yeah. hey, what does your tattoo say on your arm? - that is my mother. - uh-huh. - she was the one that raised me and taught me... - that's really cool. - how to be a man, man, straight up. - right on. - yeah, i'm really close to my mom. i don't really have a father relationship. - uh-huh. - but my dad's, um-- - are your parents divorced, or--? - i'm 23. they've been going at this for 23 years, you know? - oh, really? - it's on, off, on and off. yeah, but my dad, he was never there for me, so-- it is what it is, and you become who you are by the experiences of your life. - yeah. i felt for jesus. he came up from a broken home. i could feel, you know, that he's still struggling with whatever it is that was happening throughout his upbringing. - i'm young. you have a lot of years on me, but i've learned a lot in my life, and, you know, what's outside of your control, you just can't control it. - i have a really hard decision to make with jesus. he did a lot of things wrong today. - how you doing, man? - i'm gonna meet with him in a few days,
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and i'm gonna make a decision as to what his future will be with o'neill. [rock music] ♪ working with jesus yesterday really upset me and left me with a lot to think about. - i know how to grow some really good weed if you-- [chuckles] if you're really interested. - i hope the employee i meet today is a better representation of our company. ♪ i'm at massive prints in compton, california. these guys are responsible for screen printing all of our t-shirts. 40% of o'neill's business is t-shirts, so this is obviously a very important partner for us. i'm looking for jorge. - hey, it's me. - hey, i'm frederick. - frederick. so this is what we're going to be doing today. i'm gonna teach you how to print this t-shirt. - wow, all right. - okay? i'm responsible to make it look good and straight and perfect, so customers can buy it. - all right, let's do it.
8:20 pm
how do you keep track of all these colors? - i've been doing this since i was 16 years old... - wow. - so i can teach you some tricks. - okay, great. - so grab the screen. see, these are already marked. - yeah. - the easiest way to do it is to use the film, and most of the time, they tell you the placement on it. uh, placement, placement. they don't tell us placement. if they don't tell us placement, we do it by eye. there is another problem. the problem with the designers-- they don't update. we update every six months this book. - so the designer's supposed to tell you where to place the design on the t-shirt? - some designers leave it to yourselves. okay, that's what you give them. see, center this. - i got a real quick sense that he makes a lot of his own decisions on the floor because, quite frankly, the instructions are not that clear. - some of the designers are, like,
8:21 pm
real prima donnas, and some are real cool. but communication with them is the key. - yeah. - and i need to see what it takes. when they change a color, a little box in the computer, and it changes the whole process in here, you know? - yeah. this is a huge problem. i'm definitely gonna have my designers down here more often working with jorge because our brand's hands are in jorge's hands. - i'm gonna print one, and you print the rest. - okay. what if i ruin the shirts? - let's not do it. - okay. - press down... - got it. - and pull. seems easy. - yeah, it looks good. - make sure it's straight. - looks straight to me. - okay, so go ahead. - yeah, let me try one. [electronic music] - you gotta pay attention where i placed it before. the next thing goes right here. we go all the way in there, place it right on the edge. then, you print. remember, you gotta do it hard. - just-- - press down and pull.
8:22 pm
yeah, perfect. all you, dude. i'm not here. go ahead and do them. - okay. [whimsical music] ♪ - oh, i'm gonna ruin this shirt. no doubt the hardest part of this is the alignment. jorge just makes it look super easy. - oh, frederick's doing pretty good so far. - it's not straight. - it's not. see, this side is like that? - yeah. - we did a few missteps. but he'll learn. remember, we gotta keep these lines from clogging. you need a little bit stronger-- - pull harder? - should i bring one of the girls to do it? [laughter] - jorge's great. he's obviously been doing this for a really, really long time. - yeah, there you go. - so it's pretty cool to be with jorge getting the firsthand knowledge. i'm pretty stoked right now. - okay, we're done with that. so let's go for a break, dude. - let's do it. - yeah.
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- oh, man, that's hard work. - [laughs] i work a lot of hours here. - do you have kids, or--? - yeah, i got kids. i got six kids. - so when do you get to see your kids? - weekends. - weekends? - [laughs] yeah. - huh. - you gonna eat something? - yeah, for sure. - two carne asada tacos? the same for me. so what are you goals on this if you win? - oh, thank you. - hopefully, you win. - you know, just trying to do whatever i can to provide for my four kids. - thank you. how old are your kids? - 13, 11, 9, and then i have a baby girl that's seven months old. - is your new baby healthy? - yeah, she's really healthy. - yeah, yeah. my baby is not healthy. she's got a condition, cornelia de lange. - cornelia de lange? - de lange, yeah. it's a real rare syndrome, and it's nasty. some of the kids don't grow limbs, and it's a mental retardation.
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- oh, man. - and, you know, it's just hard, so we got-- my wife's gotta take care of her all the time. i still gotta call the pharmacies about getting feeding bags, you know? - so they're super expensive, or-- - yeah, they're expensive. it's just hard because you go through hard times, you know, to--to-- uh, to get to-- i don't know. it just scares me a little bit. it's hard 'cause i work so much. - yeah, you have a time commitment that you're making here with your daughter who's so sick at home. that's gotta be really hard. - i work so much, and... i love my daughter, you know? - yeah. - i love her with all my heart. and she's the happiness, you know? she's the happiness on my life, you know? and sometimes, i struggle to make the ends meet, but you gotta enjoy the clouds.
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it rains, so you can enjoy the rainbow, you know? - yeah. - [chuckles] yeah, so-- - i mean, i can see from getting the experience on that press, you're really good at what you do, you know? you're probably of higher value than you think you are to this company. - i love the company, you know? - yeah. - so ready to work? - let's go. - let's go. [soft rock music] - what can i do for this guy? there's gotta be something that i can do. jorge had a really heavy story. the challenges that he's dealing with at home, you know, i could really feel his pain, but he's got a super positive outlook on life. i think people like jorge are diamonds in the rough. they're the unsung heroes in the organization, and you can't live without them. jesus is the polar opposite. this guy crossed the line with me. - have you ever thought about opening, like, a pot dispensary?
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- yes, we run a very fun, non-corporate environment, but at the same time, we have a certain way of carrying ourselves. the inconsistencies i found really point out some of our growing pains. we're gonna have to get this operation nice and tight so that we can go to the next level. [lightning crashes] [rock music] how you doing today? announcer: coming up, toby tries his skills on the sales floor. - great backpack on today that's for sale, $44.50 if you guys are interested. okay. announcer: and later... - if you say the word "mine," you have to hit ten push-ups on the spot. announcer: the boss learns some new training techniques. - yeah, so mine-- oh, see? there you go. three, four, five, six. i haven't thought about aspirin for years. aspirin wouldn't really help my headache, i don't think. aspirin is just old school. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain.
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